We believe in one God of unconditional love

We believe that we all have - we all are - an eternal soul,
and that there will be a place in Heaven for most people who are basically good in their heart and soul

We believe in Angels, and that everyone has a Guardian Angel

We believe that our Guardian Angels try to help us. Many people are unaware of this. We can show people how our Angels can be experienced more closely as they help us through life

We do not preach Christianity because our religion is Spiritualism, but we do believe in Jesus, and that Christian teachings and values are a good way of living our lives

We believe that spiritual healing can be beneficial, as an addition to professional medical treatment

Unlike many religions, we believe that most people have a place waiting for them in Heaven, even if we have no faith, or never been to a Church, except for truly evil souls who will be side-tracked away from Heaven.

There is a tremendous amount of compassion and forgiveness for us in Heaven. We are loved for whom we are, mistakes we made, and good things we did.
We believe that personal spiritual development is demonstrated by an ability to remain caring and loving towards others, and towards nature, despite any personal suffering.
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