Christian Spiritualism is a recognised religion, and at the Eternal Life Church we are proud to celebrate our 12th anniversary this year! We have helped over 4000 people since were established. People come from the local Driffield area  and from Beverley, Bridlington, York, Hull, and sometimes further afield. We help people in a way that is hard to find anywhere else. Almost everyone that has attended our meetings has been witness to the power of the unconditional love from Heaven, and modern day, no nonsense, miracles.

COVID-19: Due to the coronavirus crisis we have now temporarily moved to telephone readings only. We offer a limited number of telephone appointments, pre-booked for weekends only. The readings are free of charge. We are primarily focussed on clairvoyant readings to help people suffering general worries and stress, bereavement, and also, importantly requests for Christian prayer for healing and protection. We never offer advice or guidance concerning relationships, or finance matters.We strongly advise that everyone strictly follows Government instructions concerning self isolation and social distancing. Professional medical help should be sought for all health issues.
             Please text anytime to request and book a reading time slot: 07809 291928

CLAIRVOYANT EVENING EVERY SUNDAY 7pm - this has been temporarily suspended as from 20th March 2020, due to coronavirus restrictions. Please keep updated from this website            
We meet every Sunday throughout the year 7pm-9pm at:
Driffield Community Centre,
Mill Street
East Yorkshire
YO25 6TR

Please see our website:

What do we do?

Our meetings are informal and friendly, and we start with a demonstration of clairvoyance.
After about half an hour we offer a Christian prayer for healing, and then serve refreshments.
During refreshments our resident clairvoyant can give free readings that are more personal to individuals who would like a reading. This part of the meeting is especially popular, and we try to give everyone a reading who wants one.
Our resident clairvoyant may also, by request, consider writing a poem to capture the messages and feelings that came through in a reading. This service is free of charge.

Why do we offer these Services?

We are a Christian Spiritualist Church established purely to offer readings free of charge, as a way of helping people in a way that is often hard to find anywhere else. We believe that there is no real death because we all have an eternal soul. Working with our Guardian Angels, we can only connect with those who have passed safely across to Heaven. We believe that many more people get there than other religions may preach because of the unconditional love, compassion and forgivess of God.

The readings we give may be similar to those given by a good clairvoyant who would charge money for the service
All readings are given in the spiritual gift of Discernment and absolute protection of unconditional love of the Guardian Angels from Heaven, and are always good and positive.

What is a "Reading"?

A clairvoyant may describe visions, and communicate messages that can be of wonderful help to a person suffering the pain of bereavement grief. The visions are given to us by our Guardian Angels.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           For those who make it safely across to Heaven there is eternal life. We do not speak to those who are dead to sin.

A clairvoyant may also bring messages that can help a person through life pain and difficulties, such bereavement grief, stress and worry, and even provide some visions of the future and personal life fulfilment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              In excess of 4000 people have been helped by our Driffield Church over the years since we were founded in 2008. Many people travel to our meetings from York, Hull, Beverley and Bridlington because we are independent, and highly acclaimed for the work we do.

Our meetings are informal, friendly and a chance to meet people. We never preach religion,there are no weird rituals, we simply offer help.

During our meetings many people often feel a beautiful sense of unconditional love, calm, and healing. This is because our Guardian Angels are able to be much closer to us during this time. Our Guardian Angels give the clairvoyant messages, and spiritual healing energies.

If you are interested please come along to any of our meetings. All are welcome! You can come just the once, or occasionally, or every week. There are no committments.

 Contact details: Further information: please email as above, or text only to  07809 291928 



Life On Hold   (this is a true account)

I was greeted at the door, I felt welcomed, and walked in,

Visiting a group of strangers, to give clairvoyant help and healing

"Our family want to hear whatever you can say,

But first please meet my Mum,

Just follow me this way"

In the middle of the home, a room... bed, table, flowers,

Two armchairs, and tv to while away the hours,

Of a lady age late sixties, nicely dressed, on her own,

Living with her family, yet, somehow quite alone.

"I see your husband in spirit", I couldn't help but say

"A man who truly loved you, and still loves from far away"

The lady smiled, then her eyes dropped, "Can I continue", words I said

She whispered "Yes" and I revealed,

My vision, a hospital bed.

Her husband pale, on life support, a doctor stood nearby,

I told this lady my vision,

She began to cry.

"I killed him, I took his life, for six years I've hid away,

I haven't left this room,

I stopped my life that day"

Shocked by her painful outburst, then my vision came more clear

The doctor asking permission, "No hope for him my dear",

To switch off life support....the lady froze with fear.

I was looking at the scene, as if a birds' eye view,

She left the ward just walking, not knowing what to do.

The scene played out in front of me, shortly she returned

The doctor turned to see, inside her feelings burned.

In spirit her husband came, his lifeless body set him free

He whispered in her ear.

Please say "Yes" and release me

And "Yes" is what she said, not knowing how she could,

She blamed herself for saying yes, and didn't want to live

I described to her my vision, "Oh my.... you couldn't know this

I believe you, and now I see husband wanted this"

I know now I didn't kill him, no longer carry blame,

I said "Your husband wants to see you... live your life again!"

I left her to give more readings, then at the evening's end

I went into the lounge, and was greeted like a friend

" Mum's life is no longer on hold, tomorrow she wants to go shopping

New life, new strength, Mum's back, after years of praying and hoping!"

................another family helped in a way that is difficult to find elsewhere



The following poem describes what we call "First Heaven". This is because it is the first place that most of us go when our physical life ends, irrespective of previous lack of belief. First Heaven is very real, and in some ways similar to the physical world so that arriving there isn't a shock to our soul. Angels appear as Beings of Light, and above is the Light of the Infinite Presence of God. Loved ones who passed before us may be waiting for us, and greet us. There is a profound feeling of unconditional love. Colours of flowers, grass, and trees are more vivid and intense than on Earth. There are meadows, streams, lakes, mountains. There are houses and public buildings. Animals can also be seen, especially pets such as dogs and cats with the people who looked after them in physical life. Some clairvoyants can see through to this place. There are many accounts of "Near Death Experiences" where some people who were close to death, but subsequently survived, talk about a place they travelled to spiritually whilst close to death. Interestingly, most accounts  describe what was seen and experienced in wonderfully similar terms to what can be seen clairvoyantly

First Heaven

I see light everywhere 

Gentle warmth of unconditional love 

I am drawn into First Heaven, somehow 

Just here, not above.

I am free from life on Earth  

From pain, suffering, happiness, pleasure  

Back to my true home, somehow  familiar 

I cannot measure 

....The overwhelming love.

Yes! I can still think and see,  still same old me, 

I see my loved ones who passed before, 

waiting here for me 

I see their faces, young again, 

Together we fly free 

Across beautiful valleys green grass, trees, flowers 

A very real Heaven created by the One with powers 

..... Of creation. 


Bereavement Grief, is perhaps one of the worst experiences that can happen. Often people are ill prepared to deal with the loss of a loved one or friend. The modern world around us that is advanced in science and technology seems quite primitive in spiritual knowledge, with no consistent view, or no view at all........

Now you're Gone

You were here yesterday,

And now you're gone, passed away,

Cruel death has victory

News came swift that you had died,

It couldn't be, I screamed, denied,

Grief took hold, I cried and cried

There are no answers from the world around

If you'd been religious would salvation

be found?

This busy world knows not what to say,

Like an express train on their way,

Material lives, living for today

Science claims the answers in this modern world,

Life is dust to dust, so live to the full,

Young or old, boy or girl

My grief takes hold and overwhelming,

 Bewildered, lost, darkness closing in,

 Can't accept won't see you again.

My eyes are blind, but you can see,

I just don't feel you near to me

Your soul is near, you still exist,

Life's cruel illusion is a mist

Your soul is free of all the pain,

Yet you're surprised, you are the same.

Heaven is beautiful, you know that now,

Others you loved are there somehow

Heaven is real, green valleys and trees,

Flowers caressed by gentle breeze,

Colours vivid, no pain, no fear,

A place like home made ready

for you there

You try to reach to tell me this,

Yet the wall between us, impenetrable mist

of material world teaching,

Souls don't exist

Leaves me trapped in grief,

Time stops, I twist

    ......and cry. 

Animals and birds most certainly have a soul energy, not as big as a human soul, but loved by God, and connected to the Spiritual Realm without complication

Little Bird

Little bird, on a tree branch up there,

Singing your song across the air

A message to other birds, I am sure,

To me your song is pleasant and pure

Little bird always seeking food to eat,

Then flying away to your safe retreat,

Little bird, you know how to make your nest,

Raise your young, and look your best

Little bird, little bird, on a tree branch, up there,

Singing your song across the air

You know love, you have a soul

I know you're aware........of God

In the Spiritual Realm time does not exist. The only experience is that of the moment of "Now". It is good for our soul - the person who we really are - to stop occasionally, to be still, and observe and think about the universe around us

In Stillness

In stillness, look at a beautiful flower,

A bloom of colour, and fragrance,

-          Nature's finest hour

In stillness, gaze at night-time sky,

The stars, the universe,

-          And wonder why

In stillness, let spirit wonder free,

Sense the love of God,

-          True reality

In stillness, and peace,

Inwardly pray,

For strength and guidance

On life's difficult way

In stillness you may find

That time matters not,

Timeless peace rediscovered

-          Perhaps almost forgot

We live our lives for experience. Those experiences help make us into whom we are. The experiences become memories, that, if positive, should be cherished


Days of old, days of gold,

My memories are as autumn shades.

Life was nothing special at the time

But looking back I can now define

Those special moments that stand out

With a warmth and fondness that removes all doubt

That the "Nothing special" was important to me

In this life that to others seems so ordinary.


The most important spiritual quality is to be loving and caring to others, to nature, and to the world around. If we can stay loving and caring, and put others before ourselves when life has been difficult for us, then we have truly spiritually grown

A Person Who Cares

 Please find me food, I'm hungry,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Please give me water I'm dry,

Don't leave me, don't ignore me,

Or I will surely die

You are a stranger here amongst us

In this war-torn famine land

Please show me that you care,

Show me you understand. 

The stranger stopped and said:

"Your suffering I understand"

"I will lead you away from here,

Come, please take my hand,

To a place of food abundant

Where water freely flows

To a land of peace and freedom

Where children learn and grow"

The suffering all followed this stranger

Her goodness they all knew

Are you a caring person,

Could this stranger perhaps be you?


The following poem describes how everyone is important, everyone is equal. Heaven looks upon every soul in this way.

Just a Number

To the world I'm just a number,

Along with all the rest,

Never getting anywhere or earning much,

Although I always keep trying my best

I know I'll never be famous,

And wealth never comes my way,

What little I earn goes on food and home,

As I struggle through each day

So, what colour is there in my life?

I ask myself many times

The same work and routines every day

Are the usual experience of mine

Yet what of the rich and famous

With their houses and property fine?

For a person can only make use of

One room and one chair at a time

We are all breathing same air as each other

And however our friendships are sought

The best and truest of friends

Can never,  ever be bought

A scenic view and the beauty of nature

Are things that we all can see,

And the experience of sport, art and music

Can cost little, and often found free

So when I think of myself as a number,

It's only an emotional test

The truth is we all are important

Yes, you and I are as good as the Best!

Earth is a beautiful place, and nature radiates it's own spiritual energy in every living thing, in every flower..........


Oh daffodil, your beauty of moment

Last forever, if time never spent

All year you hide away from sight,

To appear in gardens as Springtime Light

Yellow radiance as the sun,

In coat of green your leaves are spun

Soft breeze caress, you move and dance

Flower of love, colour of romance

You are Spring, and Spring is you

You are my image of life renew

My spirit lifts with you nearby,

I scarce can turn away my eye

Oh daffodil, your beauty of moment

And eternal dreams forever dreamt.




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